About me

I’m Austin Hanlon, an experienced Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar tutor – helping players of all ages reach their goals.

Being a guitar tutor is certainly never boring. A typical day of lessons could see me rocking out to ACDC or Thin Lizzy one class and strumming along to Kodaline or Ed Sheeran next. Throw in some ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Frozen’, or Spongebob then a Green Day or Johnny Cash or James Bay – each class is totally unique and so are the people I teach, from 8 year olds picking their first notes to 80 year old strumming cowboys and everything in between. If you like James Taylor, Paul Simon Eagles I’ve got you covered. Katy Perry, Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg,Billy Eilish – no problem, if it’s got chords we can play it.

I’ve a pretty even mix of younger students, Boys and Girls, Teenagers, Men and Women. Some sing, some just play, some write songs, others are doing exams, some want to join bands, others just like to play for themselves, some want to know ‘everything’ while others just wanna know ‘enough to get by’ at a sing-song.

That’s the great thing about guitar – there’s a playing style for every genre of music you can think of and with a bit of time and effort you can go as far as you like with it.

I can also help with Junior or Leaving Cert performance pieces, preparation for  grade exams. I’m grade 8 RockSchool electric and grade 5 associated board classical and have years of experience teaching theory and technique. RGT acoustic syllabus, sight reading, ear training, all available.