I’m an adult learning to play guitar. I started with Austin learning some easy guitar chords and now I can play a handful of songs! Whoop! Austin is a great guitar teacher and good craic, he always makes the session fun! I have passed his details onto others already! Don’t miss out take that next step and commence your new guitar journey! You won’t regret it!!!! – Linda from Dublin 5 (August 2016)

“I’ve been coming to Austin for about 3 months now after 2 years of trying to teach myself and I was amazed at how quickly I’ve progressed since joining. He was able to pick up on bad habits that were causing the problems I’d been having and suggest simple solutions and exercises to correct these and make my playing sound a lot more professional. I would say the thing I enjoy most about doing lessons with Austin is that he really focuses on what you want to do whether it be what songs you want to learn or what element of playing or theory you want to improve. If your looking for someone who will make learning guitar enjoyable and always go the extra mile to help you out, then Austin’s your man! – Dale, Age 21 from Dublin 13 (August 2016)

“I’ve been doing guitar with Austin for about two and a half years. My favourite song i’ve done is paradise city by Guns’N’Roses. Austin is a great teacher and the lessons are great. I would definitely recommend doing them and they’re well worth doing.” – Luke, Age 13 (March 2016)

“My favourite song that I’ve learned is superheroes by ‘The Script’. When I started I knew nothing about guitar or how to play, now I know lots about guitar and I know how to play my favourite songs.” – Adam, Age 10 (March 2016)

“I’ve learned a lot of songs including ‘Super heroes’ by The Script and ‘Time of your Life’ by Greenday, I’m learning Passenger ‘Let her go’ at the moment. I really enjoy guitar with Austin. He is a really nice teacher and teaches very well. I would highly recommend Austin as a guitar teacher.” – Max, Age 14 (March 2016)

“I always wanted to play the guitar. I put it off for lots of reasons, short of time, short fingers, short of talent. Whdonalen I received a 40th birthday gift of a guitar I booked lessons with Austin and have enjoyed the journey with him from complete beginner to playing songs from Jake Bugg to Johnny Cash. Youtube is a great resource but for real progress with the mentoring needed, a professional guitar teacher is a must. I simply couldn’t have reached the level I’m currently at without Austin.” – Donal, Age 42.5 (March 2016)